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Explosion Proof ROBO
  • JM612 Explosion Proof ROBO Series camera is a robust designed pan/tilt/zoom night-view camera system. Its body is machined from Aluminum Alloy or 316L# Stainless Steel, and integrated with 530TVL Day/Night camera, central processing module, variable high-speed pan/tilt motor and enclosure.

    With the unique 6 proofs (Explosion Proof/ Water Proof/ Vandal Proof/ Bullet Proof/ Corrosion Proof/Dust Proof) design, it can resist the explosion gas, rain & fog, stone & hammer, short gun bullet, seawater & chemical corrosion and coal-dust, and so on.

    With the unique 360 degree continuous both Pan and Tilt rotation, it could offer true all-direction video surveillance. It’s own unique omni seal waterproof and explosion design, coupled with it’s sound and solid dome body made it tailor made to be applied in most harsh and high security protection required environment.

    The JM612-V6 ROBO design with the rugged best fit which suitable to equip with most land& marine vehicles applications. As an option, the unit could be pressurized by filling N2 Nitrogen gas into the dome body. This could offer further protection for the inside components, especially ideal for installations of salty & other corrosive environments, such as seaports, ships and chemical plants.

    The typical application include: marine transportation, military foundation, perimeter protection, rigs and offshore drilling platform, oil& gas station, jails, ports, nuclear facility, Oil refineries, chemical plants, embassies, airports, government and banks, vehicles etc.

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