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Laser night vision series
  • LeadEx IR Laser Camera is with different housing and night vision range options, the Series include: JM612-IR Laser ROBO, JM612-IR-IP Laser ROBO, PVP PowerView Plus Long Range PTZ Series. The Laser illuminators can be turned ON/OFF by auto or manual control. On the AUTO control mode, the Laser will be automatically turn on when the environment is below zero LUX illuminations.

    The JM612-IR Laser ROBO is a robust designed pan/tilt/zoom night-view camera system. Its body is machined from Aluminum Alloy or 316L# Stainless Steel, and Integrated with Day/Night IOP camera module, IR laser, central processing module, variable high-speed pan/tilt motor and enclosure.

    With the unique 5 proofs (Water Proof/Vandal Proof/Bullet Proof/Corrosion Proof/Dust Proof) design, it can resist the rain & fog, stone & hammer, short gun bullet, seawater & chemical corrosion and coal-dust, and so on. The unique 360 degree continuous Pan and Tilt rotation system design offers true all-direction video surveillance.

    With the unique built-in 4 PCs 808nm powerful Laser-IR illuminator, it has an excellent night-view performances. Under the “Zero-Lux” conditions, human target above 200 meters could be clearly detected.

    The IR Laser ROBO is with optional built in IP module which is the JM612-IR-IP. The JM612-IR ROBO is also with wide view IR LED illuminators for optional upon request.

    Typical applications include: marine transportation, military foundation, perimeter protection, nuclear facility, oil refineries, rigs and offshore drilling platform, oil& gas station, chemical plants, embassies, airports, city surveillance, government and vehicles etc.

    The PowerView plus (PVP) series are integrated with the special camera, long range lens, adjustable IR Laser, variable high-speed pan/tilt motor, central processing module and enclosure. It has excellent performances at both daytime and night, even in a foggy and rainy days. The body is ruggedized vandal resistance and water-tight designed, and could work in all-weather conditions.

    The built-in zoom lens is designed to match the high sensitive day/night camera and IR Laser illumination, and to minimize the difference between the focus panels on a visible radiation and that on a near-infrared radiation.

    The state-of-art design of pan/tilt system offers not only flexible pan and tilt rotation, but also delivers an accurate user controllable interface, which allows users to operate the system in “micro-step” way. The laser illuminator working at 808nm freq has totally 6000mW(or 10W, or 15W)optical output, which offer super powerful light source for the camera in night applications.

    With the above outstanding technologies, the PVP Series can detect target in 1~8km away in the most diverse weather conditions. The typical applications include: marine vessels, airport, harbors, ports, frontiers defense, customs, high way etc.

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