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About Us
    • LeadEx dedicated to the R&D of analog CCTV Systems, the products line include: Matrix, Fiber Optics, Mobile DVR, Dome cameras, Control Keyboard etc.
    • 2003, LeadEx had shifted to the R&D of special high-end cameras and multi technologies based sensors, the products line include Ex-Proof Camera, Laser/Thermal night vision PTZ camera, Long range fog penetration/night vision cameras, Microwave beam, PIR, etc.
    • 2004, LeadEx launched the first generation Explosion Proof ROBO camera. The JM612 ROBO Camera is concentrating on the Ex-Proof Solution to the oil and gas industry.
    • 2004, LeadEx launched the first generation IR Laser Night Vision ROBO camera. The JM612-IR ROBO add IR Laser Illumination technology to the ROBO which offer longer range night vision distance(200meters) that compare to the traditional IR LED Illuminators.
    • 2005, LeadEx launched the first generation PowerView middle range PTZ camera, that has realized the 150m night vision Surveillance with Laser IR illuminitor
    • 2005, LeadEx launched the first generation PVP Long Range Fog Penetration PTZ camera. The PVP camera offer clear image solutions in longer range and in rainy and foggy days
    • 2006, LeadEx launched the first Thermal ROBO camera which offer the 24 hours surveillance solutions.
    • 2008, LeadEx launched the first Handheld thermal camera, which is with temperature testing function. It is the powerful tool for search and rescue, fire fighting.
    • 2010, LeadEx lauched the Ex-proof Microwave wall+Video System which is the combination of Microwave alarm detection technology and intelligent video surveillance system.It is ideal for the perimeter protection applications.

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