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Hybrid Camera
  • LeadEx, as a leading manufacturer, we are focusing on the R&D and marketing of high-end security products which is designed to be applied in the Large/Heavy industry, Government Facility, Military and Civil Facility fields. The Multi-technology based products is much more powerful than traditional products which is especially popular to those kind of high security applications. The many Ruggedized design products series is providing more secured protection to the environment and these kinds of multi-technology based products is even more adaptive to the harsh environment applications. The customized design with multi-technology based is also available.

    LeadEx Multi-Technology based products are listed as below:

    E-MWB-250 Microwave barrier+ Video Image System
    LeadEx E-MWB-250 is a ruggedized explosion proof design Microwave Detector plus Video image system with the housing made from 8~22mm Aluminum Alloy. The video image system is 18X optical zoom day/night camera which could cover the range of more than 250meters. The microwave is including one transmitter (T) and one receiver (R) in one pair, is an active microwave motion detector for outdoor perimeter protection, with auto-adaptable detection range from 5 meters up to 250 meters.

    The wall could detect intruders running/walking/crawling crossing the protected range, while immune from interferences by small animals (like birds, cats), flowers, grass and even small trees. The intelligent combination of microwave sensor and video image system are offering much more secured perimeter protection system. When the microwave sensor detects any possible intrusion, the camera system will get the perimeter video recorded.

    JM612-IR-TM IR Laser + Thermal night Vision ROBO camera

    JM612-IR-TM ROBO is combined with un-cooled Thermal camera module, Day/ Night camera and IR laser illuminators. This ROBO are optically sensitive both in day time and dark night conditions. It provides the perfect dual spectra image and 24 hours surveillance solutions.

    The body of JM612-IR-TM ROBO Series is machined from 8~22mm 6063# Aluminum Alloy or 316# Stainless Steel and they are also integrated with the dual spectra image solutions, and geared PTZ controller.

    The built in 40mm lens thermal camera can detect a human target at 600~700m away and detect a car size target at 1.7km away. It can detect the target, which the normal human eyes are totally indiscernible, even can see through the thick smoke, fog and dust as well. It always works fine at both daytime and night, even in a rainy/snowing/smog/foggy/dusty day. Intruders hiding in the jungle/ grass at night could also be easily detected. The additional 4000mW IR Laser Illuminators provide the strong light source to the day/night cameras which further help the camera to recognize target at 200m range.

    Long range thermal camera and fog penetration day/night camera with IR Laser night vision --- PVP-TM-HQ2

    LeadEx PVP-HQ2-TM Series long range camera is a precise dual PTZ camera system, it can be the integration of the below parts:

    Un-cooled and cooled thermal camera system with 320*240pixel or 640*480pixel options
    100mm, 275mm, 500mm, 600mm or 800mm thermal lens options
    1/2inch low light day/night camera with 62X optical zoom 775mm lens
    Worm geared pan/tilt design with auto-lock function

    Compare to single camera system, the PVP-TM-HQ2 dual camera could detect suspicious target and recognize the target more efficiently. The system is a best combination of thermal imager and long range fog penetrate day/night camera, and is capable to work with an excellent optical performance at both daytime and night. It is suitable for a wide variety of low light, dark, fog and rainy harsh environment applications. The PVP-HQ2-TM provides the perfect dual spectra image and 24 hours surveillance solutions.

    Due to the above excellent performances, the dual camera system is ideal for applications requiring long distance surveillance under harsh environment and all-weather conditions. It always works fine at both daytime and night, even in a rainy/snowing/smog/foggy/dusty day. Intruders hiding in the jungle/grass at night could also be easily detected.

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