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Motion Finder Radar / MF Radar Detection System
  • Applications       
    LeadEx Midium-range motion finder radar(MF-1K) can pierce through some certain vegetations, for example cotton field, corn field and sparse woods, and detect the internal activities of personnel. LeadEx short-Range radar can output the detected target’s distance, speed, range and size simultaneously, and can monitor 100 targets at the same time.
    • Airport security  • Perimeter protection  • Perison security  • oil pipeline and oil field protection.
    • Light weight, Compact radar.
    • Electronic scanning.
    • Detect moving vehicles and people.
    • Low emission power.
    • All-weather 24 continous working.
    • Strong rejection to ground clutter, low false alarm.
    • All kinds of terrain apply.
    • Frequency: Ku band
    • Detection range: people: 1000m; Vehicle: 1500m
    • Accuracy: distance 5m/ azimuth angle 1°.
    • Antenna search scope: sector or 360° search
    • Power output: 10mW, 100mW, 1W
    • Search speed: 6°/s, 12°/s, 24°/s
    • Power consumption: DC24V 40W
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