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Motion Finder Radar / 400m Middle Range Motion Finder Radar
  • Applications       
    MF-400 motion finder radar has the advantages of small volume, small detection blind area, high distance resolution, low probability of intercept, no velocity blind spots and excellent anti-jamming performance. MF-400 will send command to the long range PTZ camera, to let it turn to moving target direction automatically, and zoom the target to the right size in the screen center.
    • Airport security  • Perimeter protection  • Perison security  • Rescue and search
    • Light weight, compact radar.
    • Built in high high-capacity lithium battery.
    • Detecting moving vehicle and people.
    • Low emission power.
    • All kinds of weather conditions apply.
    • Strong rejection to ground clutter, Low false alarm.
    • Ethernet port, RS232 or RS485 port optional
    • Radar type: FMCW
    • Frequency: X band(10GHz)
    • Transmitting power: >80mW
    • Detection range: People: 400m, Vehicle: 600m
    • Range accuracy: 3m
    • Minimum detection of radial velocity: 0.25m/s
    • Maximum detection precise radial velocity: 30m/s
    • Angular measurement range: level: 30°, vertical: 15°
    • Angular measurement accuracy: 3°
    • Working Voltage: 9-16V DC
    • Working current: 12V, <1.5A
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