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Alarm Detector / Vandal-proof Microwave Barrier
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    E-MWB-250-S is a microwave detector for outdoor applications, it consists of transmitter (T), receiver (R), soloar power system, battery, wireless module and brackets. The detection range can reach max 250m. E-MWB-250-S microwave barrier comes with self-adapting electric circuit, which can eliminate false alarms while maintaining high security standards for the detection of human intruders in the protected area. Several E-MWB-250-S systems can be combined to provide a complete perimeter protection with unlimited space or shape. E-MWB-250-S adapt dual way power supply, that is the solar power system together with auto-switch way to the backup lithium battery system during rainy or cloudy days. The lithium battery is with Low battery warning design to avoid the running out of battery in constant rainy weather conditions. The alarm signal from microwave system is transmitted through the built-in wireless system with maximum transmission range up to 2.5km.
    Typical applications with the system include: marine transportation, military foundation, perimeter protection, nuclear facility, oil refineries, rigs and offshore drilling platform, oil& gas station, chemical plants, embassies, airports, city surveillance, government and vehicles etc.

    • 8~22mm all metal body, full sealed design for all weather condition for outdoor application
    • Solar power system & backup lithium battery with auto switch between solar and battery
    • With wireless transmission, distance up to 2.5Km range
    • The protection range with microwave system is up to 250meters
    • Volumetric Barrier detection zone: Three-dimensional protection zone, not beams-liked zone
    • Self-adaptive circuit: suitable for various complicated perimeter protection
    • Anti-interference function: microwave sensitivity won’t be affected by heavy fog, rain, snow, etc.
    • Be immune to animals through its original method of false alarm elimination
    • Perimeter protection microwave barrier which consists of transmitter (T) and receiver (R)
    • 420~450MHz frequency, other frequencies can be customized
    Microwave Specifications
    • Microwave frequency: 9.5/10.525GHz
    • Modulating frequency: 4 channels(optional)
    • Max length of protection zone: 250 meters per pair
    • Max height of protection zone: 2.5m~4.5m per pair
    • Suggested height of mounting: 0.9~1.2 meters
    • Power supply: 10.5~24VDC
    • Electric current: ﹤60mA, 12V DC
    • Alarm relay: N.C 28VDC, 0.1A
    • Alarm time: Max 3s
    • Tamper output: N.C, 28V DC, Max 0.3A
    • Response speed: 0.1m~10m/s (moving intruder speed)
    • Sensitivity: High/Low selectable
    • Ground Roughness: 0.3mt Max
    • Height of obstacles: Grass etc 0.3m, snow 0.5m
    • Waterproof: IP66
    • Working Temperature: -40°C~+65°C
    • Storage Temperature: -40°C~+70°C
    Wireless System
    • Modulation Type: LoRa™ Spread spectrum
    • Work Frequency: 420~450MHz
    • Output Power: 20dBm(4dBm, 7dBm, 10dBm, 13dBm, 14dBm, 17dBm)
    • serial port rate: 1200bps~57600bps(factory setting 9600bps)
    • Receiver Sensitivity: -148dBm
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