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Alarm Detector / Photoelectric Detectors
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    The IRB-250 quad photoelectric detectors one designed to trigger an alarm relay upon the detection of intruder through 4 active infrared beams.


    100 Time Sensitivity Allowance

    Stable operation even 99% the beam energy weaker is blocked by rain,fog,frost,etc.

    Quad Beam Detection

    All four beam need to be blocked simultaneously to trigger an alarm. Lessfalse alarm caused by birds and other small animals.

    Lower Beam Module Blocking Detector(LBMBD)

    When LBMBD is blocked for 4 seconds; alarm relay will be activated (then function is selected)

    Alone Adjustable Mode

    LED signal strength indicator+the alignment status indication buzzer. Beam is Alignment much easier by sound and light indicator.

    Beam Power Control

    This option allows selection of the appropriate beam in-tensity relative to the detection range to minimize the risk of reflection on the nearby walls and cross-taking with other detectors.

    Beam Interruption Time Control

    This feature can be used to adjust the beam interruption time to best fit the application.

    Parts Instructions
    Range(outdoor) 250m(750ft)
    Power Supply 10.5~25VDC(non-polarized)
    Current Draw Max:160mA(ditto)
    Operating Temperature -25℃~+60℃
    Storing Temperature -30℃~+70℃
    Alarm Output Form “C” relay rated at 0.2A@30VDC
    EDC Environmental Discrimination Circuit: Normally closed switch for connection to Normally Closed supervision circuit.Rated at 0.2A@30VDC
    Tamper Normally closed tamper switch rated at 0.1A@30VDC
    Beam Interruption Time 50~500msec(adjustable)
    Optical module rotation 180°horizontal, 20° vertical
    Beam Power Control Equipped
    Weight 2.4Kg
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