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Alarm Detector / MWB-250 Microwave Barrier
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    MWB-250 is a bi-station microwave detector for outdoor application, it consists of transmitter (T) and receiver (R), and the detection range can reach max 250m. MWB-250 microwave barrier comes with self-adapting circuit, which can eliminate false alarms while maintaining high security standards for the detection of human intruders in the protected area.

    Several MWB-250 systems can be combined to provide a complete perimeter protection with unlimitedspace or
    shape. The MWB-250 is designed for continuous round-the-clock operation and keeps working at a wide
    temperature range of -40℃ up to +65℃and max ambient humidity up to 100%


    • Perimeter protection microwave barrier which consists of transmitter (T) and receiver (R)
    • The detection range up to 250meters
    • Volumetric Barrier detection zone: Three-dimensional protection zone, not beams-liked zone
    • 4 crystal-controlled modulation channels for MWB-250 to allow the detection zones of multiple barrier sets overlapped without crosstalk
    • Self-adaptive circuit: suitable for various complicated perimeter protection
    • Anti-interference function: microwave sensitivity won’t be affected by heavy fog, rain, snow, etc.
    • Be immune to animals through its original method of false alarm elimination
    • Four Installation methods: can easily be installed on any type of fence or pole
    • Wide working temperature: -40ºC ~ 65ºC and relative humidity up to 100%
    • IP65 rated outdoor professional housing
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