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    The keyboard with a video display function. The user through dial the code switch, can choose different agreement and baud rate. The video shows the function, use 5.6 inch TFT LCD screen, two way video signal input; Parameter display using 20 * 2 LCD, operation interface friendly. The keyboard with a real time clock (RTC) and alarm inquires the function. 3-Axis joystick,it can control high-speed Dome,Matrix,DVR.it can control the aperture of the lens, focus and zoom, setting/call/remove a preset, setting, and calls to be auto scanning, etc.

    • 3-axis joystick
    • Support DVR/Matrix/Speed dome
    • Built-in buzzer and key warning tones
    • Preset Point Call/Set/remove
    • Alarm function
    • AUX,Clock
    • Built-in buzzer and key warning tones
    • Convenient connection for the power supply
    • UTP connection
    • 20x2 LED display ,which show the cameras and 3-axis joystick status etc.
    • Communication distance:1200m
    • Communication interface:RS-485
    • Protocol:Pelco P/D(default with Pelco D)
    • Baud Rate:1200~9600bps(default with 2400bps)
    • Power supply:12VDC 1000mA
    • Power consumption:12W
    • Size:160(W)×200(L)×95(H)mm(with joystick)
    • Weight:1.2Kg
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