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Alarm Detector / E-MWB-250 Microwave Barrier
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    LeadEx E-MWB-250 is a ruggedized vandal proof design Microwave Detector plus Video image system with the housing made from 8~22mm Aluminum Alloy. The video image system is 18X optical zoom day/night camera which could cover the range of more than 250meters. The microwave is including one transmitter (T) and one receiver (R) in one pair, is an active microwave motion detector for outdoor perimeter protection, with auto-adaptable detection range from 5 meters up to 250 meters.
    The wall could detect intruders running/walking/crawling crossing the protected range, while immune from interferences by small animals (like birds, cats), flowers, grass and even small trees. Multiple E-MWB-250 pairs can be linked together, pair by pair, to provide a complete perimeter protection system for any area of any shape and size. The E-MWB-250 is designed for continuous round-the-clock operation at a wide temperature range from -40℃ up to +70℃ and max ambient humidity up to 100%.

    • With Built in Microware Wall System(Transmitter and receiver) and Video Image System
    • High sensitivity microwave system with seldom False Alarms
    • Adapt to various environment by optional three sensitivity level
    • Sole microware Wall system optional
    • Doppler microwave system (cover 100meters)optional
    • Thermal Imager system optional
    Microwave Specifications
    • Microwave frequency:9.5/10.525GHz
    • Modulating frequency:4 channels(optional)
    • Max range of protection zone:250 meters per pair
    • Max height of protection zone:2.5m~4.5m per pair
    • Suggested height of mounting:0.9~1.2 meters
    • Response speed:0.1m~10m/s(moving intruder speed)
    • Sensitivity:High/Low selectable
    • Ground unevenness:0.3m Max
    • Height of obstacles:Grass etc 0.3m, snow 0.5m
    • Alarm relay:N.C 28VDC,0.1A
    • Tamper output:N.C,28V DC,Max 0.3A
    Mechanical Parameter
    • Waterproof: IP66
    • Power supply:12~24VDC
    • Electric current:20mA,12VDC
    • Dimension:260 mm X 190mmX143mm(See Chart)
    • Weight(per set):7KGx2
    • working temperature:-25°C~+65°C
    • Storage Temperature:-40℃~+70℃
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