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Forest Fire Prevention solution
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    I. System overview

    Fire disaster is the biggest threat to forest. Forest fire accidents might happen unexpectedly since the natural forest is always located in remote place which is far away from normal communications and population as well as with complicated terrain condition. To secure management and control of forest in safe, reliable, express and dynamic manner, realize the modern management of motoring system for forest fire prevention, achieve early detection and protection to fight against potential forest fire disaster and other unexpected accident effectively and timely, provide useful information or basis for fire prevention direction, protect national forest resources from being damaged, weaken the impact on atmospheric environment by forest fire, improve our natural environment and ecological balance effectively. Tailored to the purposes stated above, LeadEx has designed a video surveillance and intelligent early warning system for forest fire prevention.

    II. Reasons of forest fire

    Two main reasons: fire by caused by human and nature:

    i.Caused by human:

    1.Fire for productive use: agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, sidelines and mine industry transportation and production;

    2.Fire for nonproductive use: outdoor cooking, burning or heating;

    3.Deliberate fire-raising

    Among the fire disasters caused by human, most of them are resulted by reclamation and moor-burn or tobacco smoking. Cooking, moor-burn or grave ceremony are the main reasons to cause fire disasters in our city. 

    ii. Caused by nature: lightning fire and spontaneous combustion. Fire disaster caused by nature accounts for 1% of the total forest fires in China.

    Three factors to impact on fires

    Temperature, humidity and unit combustible load.


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