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Petrochemical Security Solution
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    It is reported that energy demand will be increased by 50% in the next twenty years globally. As the rising consumption of petroleum and natural gas, the production and exploitation will be more and more active in next few years. Demand from developing countries accounts for 75% of the total demand.

    For massive exploitation and production activities, security has been the assurance for petrochemical companies to carry on research, exploitation, production, management and transportation.

    Global petrochemical companies have to face line of risks to security:

    Pilferage and deliberate damage have caused huge economic loss to petrochemical companies, or casualty to innocent civilians.

    In 2011 petroleum pilferage in Mexico caused loss of petroleum with the value of 250million USD in four months.

    More than 10million tons crude oil are stolen every year in Russia.

    Petroleum pilferage in Nigeria always caused casualty of above hundred civilians; more than 1000 people died from the pilferage in Delta State in 1998. In July 2000, more than 200 people were dead in an explosion in South Wari. In the same year November, oil pipeline explosion happened in the suburb of Lagos the biggest city in Nigeria, and left more than 60 people dead. Above 100 people died in Abia State in June 2003. In September 2004 and October 2005, some accident happened to cause tens of people dead one time.


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