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  • JM612-IR motion detection system functions
  • Date: 2012-07-26 18:57:42    Source: Webmaster
  • A 360 degree Motion Detection Unit(MDU) and Video Analytics Module(VAM) are also also optional for JM612-IR laser camera systems.

    The MDU includes 6~8 microwave motion detectors,and each covers the detection range up to 60~100 meters for persoon and 150~200 meters for vehicles,at 45~60 degree detection angle.

    Thus,the 360 degree area surrounding the unit is divided by 6~8 zones(see the chart),and are in case any microwave detector detects intruders,an alarm alert signal will be sent to camera to call-up the relative target preset movement,and at the same time,to activate the auto-tracking or motion detections based on the traditional video motion detection technology.

    The above MDU system,combined together with the VAM(Video Analytics Module) system,is called DMD(DUAL MOTION DETECTION) system.

    There are tremendous differences between the DMD system and traditional video motion detection technology,which relies too much on the video image quality and have poor performances at night and rainy/foggy day.While DMD system is much more professional and could endure some harsh interference such as the wind,rain,fog and other flying small objects.DMD is especially ideal for low false alarm motion detections under dark and harsh conditions.

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